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Kelly D. Kautz
Attorney at Law
Practice Areas

As an attorney Kelly D. Kautz offers a great breadth and depth of experience in a full spectrum of practice areas.  
Accordingly, she is able to draw upon various disciplines to meet the needs of her clients. The following list is a representation of
the areas of law practiced by attorneys in the Law Offices of Kelly D. Kautz, LLC. If you have a legal matter please call to see if we  
are able to assist you.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE:                                                                                   ESTATE PLANNING:
   • Felonies                                                                                                              • Last Wills and Testaments
   • Misdemeanors                                                                                                   • Probate
   • Drunk Driving (DUI)                                                                                        • Power of Attorneys
   • Probation Violation                                                                                           • Living Will
   • Drug Crimes                                                                                                       • Health Care Directive (Health Care)
   • Domestic Violence
   • Juvenile Offenses
   • Traffic Tickets
   • 1st Offender
   • Sentence Modifications

Family Law:                                                                                                       Real Estate:
   • Divorce/Child Support/Alimony                                                                    • Represent Homeowner Associations
   • Child Custody                                                                                                    • Draft and Review Purchase Contracts
   • Child Support Modification                                                                              • Draft and Review Lease Agreements
   • Legitimation/Paternity                                                                                    • Liens
   • Restraining Orders/TPO's                                                                              • Quick Claim Deeds
   • Terminate Parental Rights/Deprevation/DFCS                                          • Zoning Matters
   • Uncontested Divorces
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